Artmusic produces and promotes collaborative work between artists from different disciplines with the aim of fostering new relationships between the arts and other spheres. The organisation continues to build a repertoire of installation and performance pieces and is committed to exploring new environments and addressing new audiences in the presentation of its work.

Artmusic is a not for profit partnership supported by a board of advisors


Helen Ottaway, Artistic director, composer, lead artist – find out more
Projects – all projects

Steve Ehrlicher, Finance & Publicity
Freelance administrator. Has worked with Artsadmin and clients for 20 years as well as Action on Disability and Development, Beaconsfield, Salisbury Festival and others. Formerly Finance Controller at Institute of Contemporary Arts (1986 to 1995), Administrator for Hesitate & Demonstrate (1984 -1986) and Natural Theatre Company (1979 to 1984).


Alastair Goolden, Technology consultant, sound designer, lead artist
Projects – Footprints, Thin Air, Lachrymae, Line Dances, The Opera Room, In the Field, ECHO

Rowena Pearce, Visual artist
Projects – Footprints, Lachrymae, ECHO

Fiona Haser, Visual artist, pin-hole photographer, flower artist
Projects – Intergenerational Project, Palace Intrusions, In the Field

Barry Cooper, Visual artist
Projects – Footprints, Round & Round

Deborah Thomas, Visual artist, designer
Projects – The Opera Room

Melanie Thompson, Visual performer, choreographer, lead artist
Projects – Palace Intrusions see www.palaceintrusions.org.uk

Bronwen Bradshaw, Film and video artist
Projects – Palace Intrusions, Ring Ring Bell

Al Morrison (1936 – 2003), Film and video artist, photographer, educator
Projects – Footprints, Round & Round, Lachrymae, Line Dances, Intergenerational Project

Al was extremely generous with his time, energy and creativity. Whoever he worked with he supported and encouraged. As an artist in his own right he was prolific, working in many fields from painting to video. Whether creating video art, leading workshops or producing publicity material his approach was always original, never predictable and he tackled everything with a real enthusiasm. We miss his friendship, his quiet artistry and his ability to see through to the heart of things.


Rowena Pearce
Fine artist and administrator of Shave Farm International Artists’ Workshop (reg. Charity) established 1991 in association with Robert Loder and Anthony Caro. Rowena Pearce is also a collaborating artist with Artmusic.

Mary Phillips
Academic researcher and teacher with extensive marketing experience.

Annette Ratuszniak
Museum and exhibition curator and art historian working since 1974 in Britain and Italy.