We are a not for profit, international arts company.

secret staircase art music installation


Our current installation Secret Staircase is now in Bath, part of an exhibition called ‘This is not a shop’. ‘This is not a shop’ is at 5 Broad Street Bath and is a Fringe Arts Bath project. The exhibition runs from 24th July to 27th August 2021.

The city sings

Our work

We are continually developing. In 2019 Helen Ottaway was invited by Black Swan Arts in Frome to curate LISTEN, A season of Sound Art. This has opened up new connections and inspired new ways of working on new projects.

The opera room

Partner with us

We work with partners to create completely unique site-specific art. From outdoor art, installations to educational and performance, our talented producers will curate bespoke and engaging experiences for your event or exhibition.